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Classic Antique Dining Chairs


Large range of antique dining chairs

We have a whole range of classic English antique style dining chairs in both walnut and mahogany to go with whichever table you choose, including Chippendale chairs, Victorian balloon back chairs, Regency chairs, William IV, Hepplewhite, Trafalgar, Queen Anne, George II etc. Our sets are available in numbers, ranging from eight upwards - depending on how many chairs you require and the size of the dining table. We have sourced sets of 24 chairs for some of the larger homes we have placed these dining sets into. Many of these chairs are available to view in our Hertfordshire antiques showroom.


Chippendale Dining Chairs


Set of Chippendale chairs with ball and claw feet

Chippenale dining chairs are a quintissentially English enduring design classic - perhaps the ultimate in high end dining chairs. At our Canonbury Antiques North London showroom we have a whole range of mahogany and walnut Chippendale chairs on display with various matching dining tables. Of course the chairs were originally a design of Thomas Chippendale, a titan amongst English design and furniture making. Chippendale worked out of London in the 1700s as a cabinet maker and his book of designs 'The Gentleman and the Cabinet Makers Director' is perhaps the most defining work in furniture design ever published.

Chippendale Chairs Ball and Claw Feet

(Above - the classic ball and claw foot )

His styles broadly incorporate mid-Georgian, Neoclassical and English rococo influences, of course with Chippendale's own trademark touches. When it comes to chairs they predominantly feature the hand carved ball and claw feet, plus an intricately carved backsplat. The overall look and feel is chunky - so very solid and comfortable to sit at. That's the reason why you find Chippendale chairs in all the best English Stately homes, castles and palaces such as Blair Castle, Wilton House, Nostell Priory, Newby Hall and Harewood House. I even spotted a nice set in the main dining hall of Warwick Castle on a recent trip to this fine building.  Aside from chairs, Chippendale also made all forms of other furniture, including desks, bookcases, cabinets, dining tables, secretaires. Obviously original pieces that have provenance to Chippendale fetch astronomoical prices at auctions and sales - many cabinet makers used his designs as a template and alongside Adams and Hepplewhite he perhaps the most enduring and well known furniture maker.


Queen Anne Dining Chairs


Queen Anne dining chairs in walnut

The Queen Anne chairs is another English design classic. Similar to the Chippendale chair it is very solid and chunky hence making it comfortable and sturdy and good for larger frames. Also like the Chippendale chair, the Queen Anne chair can have ball and claw feet, offset by the elegant and tall backsplat. These look particularly great around our large Regency dining table in mahogany. Again these antique dining chairs are available to view in our Hertfordshire antiques showroom.


Victorian Balloon Back Dining Chairs


Classic Victorian balloon back dining chairs

As with Victorian style dining chairs, the balloon back mainly come in mahogany and they have that excellent Victorian parlour look. Of course these are just made to go around an extending Victorian dining table. The wide, exaggerated backsplats are where these chairs get their name from and they are very comfortable to sit at.


Regency Dining Chairs


Regency Dining Chairs

The Regency style dining chair is classically refined and elegant - as with the main thrust of the Regency design ethos the look is clean and understated making it great for contemporary interiors. The classic Regency chair has the swag back on the backsplat, again very comfortable to sit at. Again these make a great match to our range of Regency pedestal tables which are similarly clean and minimal design wise.


Hepplewhite Dining Chairs


 Hepplewhite Dining Chairs

Breathing down the neck of Thomas Chippendale, George Hepplewhite has to be one of the most famous English cabinet and furniture makers. Hepplewhite was known for his light, classical approach to furniture design. His classic chairs has a shield-shaped chair back and they look absolutely fantastic around a Regency style dining table.

Please enjoy some videos of our range of antique style dining chairs from our Canonbury Antiques YouTube channel:







Of course all of these and a whole lot more - can be viewed in our Hertfordshire antiques showroom
 - which is just 25 minutes north of London in the Hertfordshire countryside, right near where the A1 meets the M25. Please get in touch if you would like to make an appointment. We specialise in English dining sets so we can also match up any of these dining chairs with a gorgeous dining table in various style including Regency pedestal tables and Victorian tables.


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