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Extra Large Dining Tables

Extra large dining tables

At Canonbury Antiques we carry a large range of extra large dining tables - some of which can accommodate upwards of 16 people. Eating together, whether with family or friends has to be one of the most pleasurable experiences we can have so why not do it in total style with our range of classic English dining tables.

Most of these extra large dining tables work of a leaf system whereby you can make the table bigger or smaller by adding (or subtracting) the extra leaves. The leaves will slot into the table and typically measure 24 inches (60CM) so you can add them as purpose fits - if you are having a large upscale dinner party you can add all the extra leaves to seat more guests. Then for every day use when you do not need to seat as many people you can take the leaves out.

Large walnut Regency pedestal dining table
(Above photo: Large walnut Regency pedestal dining table )

Many of these extra large dining tables are on display in our Canonbury Antiques Hertfordshire showroom so please get in touch for an appointment. Nothing beats sitting around these tables for size and comfort to try them out before you buy and take them to your home. We have large dining tables of various styles and woods to suit your taste or specific interior. Our most popular versions are the Victorian and Regency dining tables.

Large Victorian Dining Tables

Extending Victorian dining table in walnut
(Above photo: Extending Victorian dining table in walnut )

The classic Victorian dining table would be hand crafted from mahogany and would have a solid and chunky look with hand turned legs and oval ends. Often Victorian tables will work from a wind up mechanism whereby you slot in the turning device at one end and turn it to extend the table via the turning mechanism. Hence you can extend the table for extra guests. Of course if you are looking for a complete dining suite we also have various chairs to match for the complete high end dining set up. Around a Victorian table we would reccommend the classic balloon back chair, Queen Anne and Chippendale dining chairs would also look good.


Large Regency Pedestal Dining Tables

Large Regency pedestal table in sumptuous flame mahogany
(Above photo: Regency pedestal table in mahogany )

Another favourite is the Regency pedestal table - this look is slightly more refined than the Victorian table and perhaps better suited to contemporary interiors. These work on a pedestal system with the extra leaves slotting in between the pedestals. Again we have a lovely extra large Regency dining table that can comfortably sit 16 people. You can chose from either mahogany or walnut. Again, if you are looking for a complete suite we have various chairs to match, including swag back, Trafalgar and Regency dining chairs.

Extra Large Refectory Tables

Large extending refectory table
(Above photo: Large extending refectory table )

We also carry a range of large refectory tables in oak if you are looking for that country farmhouse look - perfect for the kitchen if you want to achieve the farmhouse look. We even carry a number of refectory tables that also work of a leaf system so you can add extra size to accommodate more guests. Some of them extend in the middle and you insert leaves whilst others have extra leaves you can add to the end of the table. Again if are looking for that perfect farmhouse kitchen vibe we have various oak chairs - spindlebacks, ladderbacks, Windsors and Mary Tudor - for the complete dining set up.

As you can see we have one of the largest ranges of extra large dining tables so hopefully you will find the right one for your needs. If not let us know and we can source you the right kind using our extensive range of contacts in the industry. We also work with interior designers - including offering good trade discounts for bulk purchases - so let us know your project requirements.


Please enjoy some videos of extra large dining tables from the Canonbury Antiques YouTube channel:




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