Large Refectory Tables

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At Canonbury Antiques we carry a large range of large refectory tables - perfect for anyone looking for that classic farmhouse look that is so popular right now.

Large Refectory Tables

Some of our larger farmhouse tables are 12-14 feet and hence our great for large scale dinner parties. Nothing beats a solid large refectory table hand crafted from oak, solid and chunky, a permanent fixture in any kitchen or dining table.

Large refectory table with set of ladderback chairs around it
Large refectory table with set of ladderback chairs around it )

We even carry a number of tables which extend via a leaf system - you add in extra leaves to make the table bigger so hence you can bring it out when occasion fits for a large dinner party when you need to seat and entertain more guests. The average length of a leaf is 24 inches or two feet. One version of large refectory table has leaves that pull out of either end and make the table longer - they are easily stored underneath the table when you don't need it at it's largest configuration.


Great patina to the oak on this farmhouse table - I see a set of Windsors around this
(Above photo - Great patina to the oak on this farmhouse table - I see a set of Windsors around this )

Large refectory tables have been a feature of European life since the Middle Ages when they were first used as part of a monastery in the refectory - hence the name - so the monks could convene to dine and perhaps sup some fine Trappist Ale. Different styles of tables evolved in different countries manifesting in German, French, Spanish and English styles of large refectory table. One thing in common is their simple design and the fact that they are solid and chunky, particularly the hand turned legs. Another great feature of these pieces of furniture is that they are great for withstanding the vigours of every day family life as the oak patina can withstand the knocks, scrapes and occasional spillage. Many of our clients like this feature, particularly if there are small children involved in the mix.

Extending French table

(Above photo - Extending French table  )

Of course many of these large refectory tables are on display in the Canonbury Antiques North London showroom in the leafy Hertfordshire countryside. We are just 25 minutes north of London so very easy accessible. Nothing beats trying out this furniture for size and comfort. Of course we also have a large array of matching farmhouse chairs - including ladderback, spindleback, Windsor and Mary Tudor. Classic farmhouse kitchen diners that will go perfectly with the large refectory table of your dreams.

Ladderbacks, Winsors, Spindlebacks - what chair do you need?
(Above photo - Ladderbacks, Winsors, Spindlebacks - what chair do you need? )

We also offer discounts to interior designers and for bulk purchases. Many designers visit as they like to use our large showroom to browse for classic finds for their various projects. We can also of course ship these large refectory tables to anywhere in the world so please get in touch for a shipping quote or if you have any other questions.

Extending farmhouse kitchen tables
(Above photo - 
Extending farmhouse kitchen tables )

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