4 Reasons to Buy from Hertfordshire Antique Shop

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Our Hertfordshire shop is just 25 minutes north of London

Buying antiques is as fulfilling and adventurous as hunting for hidden treasure. But you shouldn’t do your antique shopping just about anywhere. Hertfordshire Antique Shop is the best place to start and complete your hunt for the best antiques anywhere. Here, we are different types of items, which are as old as 100 years and more. Thus you can be sure of finding genuine antiques when you visit us at our shop. The following are the reasons you should buy from us at Hertfordshire Antique Shop:

Antique dining sets are a speciality at our Hertfordshire antiques shop

1. Variety of Items

Every antique buyer wants a unique item from ages ago in an area of specialty that interests them most. At Hertfordshire Antique Shop, we have all types of antiques. Thus you can find virtually anything you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in rugs, furniture, pottery, sterling silverware, jewellery, coins, artwork, glasswork or toys. We have a wide array of antique collectibles to appeal to different tastes and economic groups.


Refectory Tables are a speciality at our Hertfordshire antiques shop

( Refectory Tables are a speciality at our Hertfordshire antiques shop )

2. Antique Experts

You should never be worried about finding real valuables when you come to our antique shop in Hertfordshire. We are experts in such aspects as the recognition of good buys with high resale potential. We have a team of trained and certified antique appraisers to help you make the right buying decisions. Besides, we have complied with all the legal requirements to operate as antique dealers in the UK. We take our work so seriously that we carry out proper research just to make sure that we give you value for money. Through our network of shoppers, we have a good understanding of the market we operate in.

3. Member of Professional Association

Art Deco at our Hertfordshire antiques shop

Be it as it may that we operate in the UK, we are members of various trade organisations. Not only does this enable Hertfordshire Antique Shop to network with others in the industry, but it helps us remain abreast of new and prevailing trends. We know that our appraisers are experts, but it is only after getting an expert opinion on the true value of a piece of antiquity that we can advise you on the price. The experts we use come through the echelons of BADA. Our wide network also gives us leads to rare valuables. That’s why you can be sure of finding the best from us.

4. Training and Certification


Through our membership, we have benefited from various training programs that have made us good at what we do. For instance, our appraiser has been given tips on how to determine the period, value, and price of an antique. In that regard, our networks have been useful too. We have several resource sources we follow online including other websites, podcasts, and videos. But all that is only in addition to the training and certification that members of our team have undergone formally. Most of our staff are well versed in history, art history, and fine art. Not only can they be able to explain the context of an antique but also the craftsmanship behind it.


Bronze fountains at our Canonbury Hertfordshire  Antiques shop


As you can see, buying from Hertfordshire Antique Shop is the best decision you can ever make. We have all the characteristics you need in a genuine antique dealer. Why don’t you hook up with us today?




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