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Are you planning to go out shopping for antiques anytime soon? If ‘yes’, then expect an adventure of sorts. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping at our North London Antique Shop or not. Sifting through a treasure trove of valuable antiques can be very fulfilling, even if you end up without what you were looking for. Who knows? You might just end up with a much better item than you wanted from us here at Canonbury Antiques. So why should you consider buying from North London Antique Shop? Consider the following:

1. We Explain All the Jargon

Antique dining sets

Don’t be afraid to pay us a visit to North London Antique Shop, given that we will explain the jargon to make it easier for you to understand. For instance, at Canonbury Antiques we will explain the difference between an antique and a collectible. While an antique has been around for more than 100 years, a collectible may not be as old. Besides, we will educate you on how much you should pay for an antique item. But don’t just take our word for the sake of it. In helping you know how much you ought to pay for an item, we will explain to you its current condition and possibility of being repaired.

2. Taking you Through the Adventure


At our North London Antique Shop, we have experts who will explain to you on things to consider when looking for an antique. For instance, you could think about a specific historical period or the condition of the item. It all depends on what you set out to achieve before visiting the shop. If you come with an open mind, it will be easier for us to guide you through the buying process. It doesn’t matter if you are buying dressers, dining sets, coffee tables, small furniture, glassware, silverware, artwork, and luminaries. If you want something specific, we will help you find it, even if it means directing you to another shop where it’s available.

3. The Best Deals

Architectural salvage

If you have found exactly what you were looking for, you shouldn’t be worried about paying exorbitant rates. Our prices are very minimal. When determining the price to charge for an item, we take into consideration what we paid to acquire it and the value you will get for being its owner. Most of the time, you will discover that our antiques are much more than you would pay for. We will explain to you all the costs involved and ensure the price is within your budget.

4. Helping with the Repairs

refectory tables

There are times when you come across a truly valuable antique item which needs some repairs. Don’t worry. We have a team of experts both within and without North London Antique Shop, who can help you with the necessary repairs. Of course, this shall be factored in the final price. Where the repairs take much more than the actual value of the item, then you are better off buying it as it is. After all, an antique is more valuable in its original state.


Where are we?

As you can see, North London Antique Shop is the place to go for everyone looking for great deals. Make a point of visiting us today. At Canonbury Antiques our specialities are art deco, English dining furniture, Continental Antiques, bronzes, lighting, architectural salvage and large architectural pieces for the garden, including marbles, large bronzes and numerous bronze fountains.

Our North London roots - our first shop in the late 1960s was on the Blackstock Road in Islington​

Our North London roots - our first shop in the late 1960s was on the Blackstock Road in Islington

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