5 Types of North London Architectural Salvage

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North London Architectural Salvage

Are you looking for North London architectural salvage items? If ‘yes’, then you have a wide variety of items to choose from such as brackets or chandeliers. Besides the type of item you intend to buy, it is also important to look at the price as well as the period when the material was made. What you should expect from the North London antique dealers are organized displays of architectural salvage materials and not the disorganized ones you might have encountered elsewhere.

Native American statue

Here are some of the items you are likely to find in a North London architectural salvage:

1. Historic Millwork

Cannons from Canonbury - North London architectural salvage

If you are looking for a porch or staircase railing, you are likely to find great pieces among architectural salvage pieces. The only problem could be finding an exact match for your staircase or porch. It is important that the salvaged pieces are able to fit into the handrails and treads the same way. But you must ensure that you meet modern building codes even as you use North London salvage architectural parts to spruce up your staircases.

2. Original Lighting

Architectural salvage in North London


When shopping for antique lighting, you could be interested in parts or fully-fledged pendants. Your North London architectural salvage pieces may include old fans, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, and lamps. Before you settle down on any of these pieces, make sure its measurements are just right. Make sure that it will fit and look just right in your room. It is also possible that you will find reproduced lighting fixtures, which you don’t have to re-wire.

3. Antique Flooring



In place of new hardwoods, you may want to use old floorboards made of chestnut, pine, and other types of wood. You will find pieces which were originally used in attics, which means they are free from nails, wear, and paint. If you find long, wide, beautiful flooring, then you should be ready to pay top dollar. Some of the pieces you find could have undergone re-milling in a bid to remove the imperfections that may have occurred over time. The only thing to look out for is whether the wood is warped or not.


4. Vintage Plumbing

Just north of London in the Hertfordshire countryside is our architectural salvage showroom

One of the reasons for buying North London architectural salvage is to get some vintage plumbing pieces such as bathtubs and sinks. These could either be original pieces or reproductions made using the same old molds. The newer versions have the same pretty look like their older counterparts, if not better. If you are buying antique faucets, make sure they come with the necessary fittings. Be sure to check the local building standards on any restrictions on the kind of toilets to use.

5. Reclaimed Tiles and Stones

The best antique flooring materials to buy from North London architectural salvage include carved stones, terra cotta, and high-quality stone. The good thing with aged stones is that that are softer and of higher quality. Check that they do not have any signs of damage but avoid unreasonably pursuing perfection, given that these stones are used and could be damaged. Those hairline chips and cracks you disdain are what defines the character of the stones.
Don’t be afraid to check out some of our great North London architectural salvage pieces.





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