Canonbury Antiques - new website launched with mobile and tablet versions

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After much toiling and going cross eyed staring at screens, we're pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The very website that you are now currently reading this story on. We hope you like what you see.

Apart from a cleaner design which is faster and - we hope - easier to use we've also launched mobile and tablet versions. Amazing isn't it what you can do with mobile phones these days? I never imagined we'd live in a world where you can buy antiques off a mobile phone but we're in it - and now on it!

It's so clever that when you search for us, the correct version of the site will launch depending on what device you are reading it on. Wowsers. Plus the photos are easier to scroll through - well in this case swipe through. It's like Tinder but for antiques. 

We've also launched a section entitled Knowledge Base - where we will be writing regular product guides, videos, information on styles and interior design tips. Content is king and all that. 

We appreicate any feedback so please send any comments, suggestions or tips, please get in touch

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