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Tick tock..tick tock...The tide of time has flooded us with a plethora of antique clocks - including some antique garnitue sets, antique mantel clocks and cherub clocks. Please enjoy viewing our range and we can ship these clocks to anywhere in the world so please get in touch for a shipping quote.

Below we feature some more quirky selections from our extensive product range - have a great week wherever you are.

London / Hertfordshire showroom open Monday to Sat 10 AM - 5 PM

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Regency Mahogany Sideboard Regency Antiques Regency Mahogany Sideboard

Clean and elegant Regency sideboard we date to circa 1900...

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Antique Maritime Oil Painting Oil Paintings Antique Maritime Oil Painting

Sail boat across the Mersey. Note on back reads Iron Barque Shakespeare leaving Liverpool. Built 1876

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Pair Bronze Lion Gatekeeper Statues Bronze Animals Pair Bronze Lion Gatekeeper Statues

Classic bronze lion gatekeeper statues to guard your manor / gaff / estate / chateau / villa / castle...

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coffee table French Antiques Antique French Coffee Table

Empire coffee table decorated with porcelain plaques and circa 1920...

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Painted Italian Rococo Table and Mirror



Italian Furniture Painted Italian Rococo Table and Mirror

Florid, ornate look to this rococo console table and mirror set. Equally suited to Florentine villa or Miami mansion...

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Classical Maiden Fountain 
Garden Fountains Classical Maiden Fountain

Three tiered French fountain with maidens around central column. Six feet tall - 177 CM...

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Hand Carved Tibetan Buddhist Head 

Victorian Antiques Pair Antique Pier Cabinets

Quality pair of pier display cabinets in burr walnut - circa 1890...

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Marble Bust Roman Emperor Augustus Italian Carving Marble Bust Roman Emperor Augustus

Bring the look of classical antiquity to your garden with this Augustus bust on a matching pedestal column...

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Mirrored Chest Drawers 
Art Deco Furniture Mirrored Chest Drawers

Double fronted art deco mirrored chest of drawers. ...

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George II Knee Hole Desk Antique Desks George II Knee Hole Desk

Such a cute knee hole desk in walnut on paw feet and circa 1920...

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Bronze Horse Statue Bronze Animals Bronze Horse Statue

Lifesize bronze pony with veris gris patina. ...

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Bronze Hunt Statue by Barye

Barye Bronze Bronze Hunt Statue by Barye

Antoine-Louis Barye was a classical French sculpturist famous for animals and this is a recast from one of his most well known works...

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