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You are viewing a gorgeous Italian bronze casting of Mercury - the messenger of the Gods in Roman mythology. The piece stands in at 4.5 feet tall so he\\\'s quite a large statue - a perfect collection to any interior.

He stands on the face of a head and this is obviously relevant to the myth. The patina is wonderful and this is offered in great shape ready for home dispaly right away.

Mercury (mythology), in Roman mythology, messenger of the gods, the son of the god Jupiter and of Maia, the daughter of the Titan Atlas. Mercury was also the god of merchants and of trading and shared many of the attributes of the Greek god Hermes. The worship of Mercury was introduced into Rome in 495 bc when a temple was dedicated to him near the Circus Maximus. His festival was celebrated on May 15.

He was well known as the "Conductor of Souls" and was qualified to control the souls of the dead and guide them to Hades, the underworld. He is depicted in mythological art wearing a broad-beamed hat and the sandals of a traveler, with wings attached to both, and his magic wand in his hand.

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
15 x 32 x 54

Dimensions are in CM:
Width x Depth x Height
38 x 81 x 137

Piece: 1263227321


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