Hand Carved Italian Marble Bust Roman Emperor Titus Atoninus Pius

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Piece Description

- Stunning hand carved Italian marble bust depicting Roman Emperor Titus
- Museum standard quality to this piece
- Important work - stands in at three feet tall so impressive size
- Really well executed sculpture, very lifelike
- What marble for head with black marble for tunic and white upper body and head
- Please let us know if you would like to view this piece in our Canonbury Antiques Herts showroom, just 25 minutes north of London
- Offered in great shape ready for home use right away
- We ship to every corner of the planet - please get in touch for a shipping quote

Dimensions in CM
Width x Depth x Height
81 x 40 x 89

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
32 x 16 x 35

Piece: 1419827229


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