Sheffield Silver Plate Lazy Susan Food Server Dumb Waiter

Piece Description

- Gorgeous English Sheffield silver plate lazy susan - or dumb waiter server
- Piece serves numerous functions as a hot plate to keep food warm and the whole things revolves for ease of serving
- The food would be heated by having hot water inside the main vessel
- Some people may refer to this as a dumb waiter, a term that originated in Victorian Britain to describe devices that would contribute to a lack of need for servants and waiters
- There are various pieces to serve food: the main urn, plus gravy boats and a pepper and salt cellar
- Really add style and elegance to any dinner party with this amazing work of art
- Definitely better in the flesh, I do not think the photos do it justice - Please let us know if you would like to view this piece in our Canonbury Antiques Herts showroom, just 25 minutes north of London
- Offered in great shape ready for home use right away
- We ship to every corner of the planet - please get in touch for a shipping quote Dimensions are in inches (CM)
Width x Depth x Height
27 (68) x 23 (58) x 19 (48)

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