XL Art Deco Bronze Clarte Biba Figurine Statue Architectural

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Piece Description

- You are viewing an art deco style bronze and marble statue of the clarte Biba figurine
- Almsot 2.5 metres tall - 7.5 feet ( wowsers!!) - so large piece of an architectural importance
- Classic deco look as she stands on the marble pedestal base
- Holds two hands aloft which support the lights (already electrified)
- Bought from an architectural salvage firm in Islington, London
- Massive piece that can live outside with no fear of rusting as bronze
- Come view in our Herfordshire antiques showroom, just 25 minutes north of London
- Offered in great shape with no signs of damage, ready for home use right away
- We ship to every corner of the planet - please email for a shipping quote

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
16 x 71 x 91

Dimensions in CM
Width x Depth x Height
40 x 180 x 231

Piece: 1393996512


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