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You are viewing a gorgeous bronze casting depicting an elephant running. The piece has been cast from the finest bronze which has a lovely dark brown patina to it. Hopefully the photos go some way in conveying the intricacy and detail, particularly features like the texture to the elephants skin. This would have been very time consuming to achieve.

This would make for a great collectors piece and would look great in your home. The sculpture is offered in perfect condition ready for home use right away.

This piece has been made using the lost wax technique. The original model would have been made using clay or plaster. Over this a thin layer of wax would have been covered and then around this more clay. This would then be put in the oven and the wax would melt creating the space for the molten bronze to be poured into, once this had set the clay could be broken away and you would be left with the bronze casting. Hence the wax is lost in the process. It\'s is the oldest and most timely method of creating bronze sculptures and figurines.

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
14 x 7 x 10

Piece: 1305813133


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