Bronze Polo Player and Horse Casting Statue

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Piece Description

- You are viewing a fine English bronze casting depicting a polo player in full swing astride his horse
- The energy and dynamism of the piece is what attracted us to this great work of art
- The casting to the bronze is superb with a wonderful patina
- Just look at details like the muscle tone to the horse
- We came across this at a dealer we know in Bath
- Offered in great condition with no damage and we will ship to anywhere in the world
- Polo can be traced to origins in Manipur state, India, about 300 bc when it was played as Sagol Kangjei. It is also claimed to be of Persian origin having been played as Pulu about 525 bc. In the course of centuries it spread to other countries including Tibet, China, India, and Japan, where a special form of it called dakyu evolved in the 8th century ad. By the 16th century it had become particularly popular in India. During the 1850s British army officers in India learnt how to play it, and the earliest polo club of the modern era was the Cachar Club, founded in Assam in 1859. It was first played in England in 1869 by cavalry officers of the Tenth Hussars, and in the United States in 1876. The governing body is the Hurlingham Polo Association, London. Hurlingham first staged a match in 1874 and the club committee first drew up a set of British rules in 1875.

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
23 x 11 x 23

Dimensions are in CM
Width x Depth x Height
58 x 28 x 58

Piece: 1240356732


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