Pair XL Bronze Lion Gatekeepers Lions Cats

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Piece Description

You are viewing an impressive pair of nearly lifesize English bronze lion gatekeepers. I hope the photos do this stunning pair some justice, they're certainly more impressive in the flesh.

The lions remind us of the famous ones found in Trafalgar square by Edward Landseer. The casting is of the highest quality and the patina to the bronze has a lovely dark nutty brown finish to it.

Details like the mane are particularly worthy of detail, as the lions locks flow. The face is also very expressionistic and the artist has really caught the creatures character and power with skill.

These would make a great decorative piece for your home or garden. Being bronze these would of course be able to live outside with no fear of rusting and would make excellent gatekeepers either side of your driveway or entrance.

They are both offered in perfect condition ready for use right away. We bought these from an architectural salvage firm in Islington, North London.

Dimensions are in inches:
Width x Depth x Height
25 x 45 x 46

Dimensions are in CM:
Width x Depth x Height
66 x 114 x 117

Piece: 1287258612


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