English Regency Spyrograph Centre Table Round Dining Tables

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You are viewing an incredible Regency style centre table with an intricate spyrogaph design made from inlays of various woods including, fruitwood, mahogany, walnut, oak all imbedded into the mahogany.

The levels of craftmanship that goes into something like this really has to be appreciated - each bit of wood to the design is cut out by hand and then embedded into the surface of the main table design. As you can see the spyrograph design is very intricate and accurate. As the inlay pieces are in a geometrical design pattern this table is parquetry rather than marquetry. The design is unique and highly original for a dining table and is the ultimate in style and quality. There is also an intricate flower and leaf design to the centre of the table and this motif also continues with the twelve round designs to the edge of the table.

The underside of the table is also worthy of note with its intricate designs and patterns topped of by gilt paint work on various points. This table sits 8 comfortably so is the ultimate for home entertainment. We have various sets of chairs available to match the table - please email for further details. Of course if you were to buy both the table and a set of chairs I would be able to organise a good deal for you.

I wish we could have pictured this in the correct setting with a set of chairs around it to show you how impressive and regal it looks. The table is in perfect condition and ready for home use right away. This particular table has had a repolish. The table is built to last and will see you good service for many generations and hence is a good investment.

Dimensions are in inches:
Table 41 diameter
30 high

Dimensions are in CM:
Table 104 diameter 76 high Bases 76 diameter

Piece: 1242264939


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