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Cast Iron Gazebo

The origin of the cast iron gazebo is set in ancient China. They were used as a way to enjoy the outside world in summer, offering a pleasant place to sit and socialise while being shaded from intense sunlight. Oriental gazebos were made from wood in the traditional building methods of the culture, until the idea eventually made its way to the western world in the 19th century, and cast iron gazebos were soon embraced by the upper classes as a statement of sophistication and social standing.

Large Cast Iron Gazebo

Cast-iron gazebos conjure up immediate feelings of romanticism. They are intrinsically linked, thanks to countless romance novels and period dramas, to the idea of two star-crossed lovers, courting after an intimate stroll through the grounds of some stately country manor, maybe exchanging poetry or discussing current affairs while being observed from a-far by a chaperone.

Large Victorian Cast Iron Gazebo

Cast-iron gazebos come in a variety of designs. Four sided cast-iron gazebos are usually large and were meant for public use or to act as a lean-to for other large buildings. These were sometimes adorned with wooden panelling, seating, glass sections and were either of a simple design or sported intricate iron-work.

Great cast iron gazebo for summer garden parties

Circular or multi-sided cast-iron gazebos were more often stand-alone additions to large private gardens or estates. It was not uncommon for these structures to have carefully pruned creeper plants growing through the iron work. When in bloom, these plants add an attractive touch of colour to the gazebos making them an even more attractive out-door feature.

As they grew in popularity, competition arose among the upper classes to commission the most elaborate designs. Bigger and more complex examples appeared, and many forges competed for the reputation of being the best creators of cast iron gazebos for the well-to-dos of society. Nowadays, size isn’t as important as the skill of the craftsman that built it and some of the best examples that still exist today are those that have been lovingly maintained by generations of families who still see the value and beauty in such a structure.

Please enjoy some videos from the Canonbury Antiques YouTube channel, including a showroom tour and a video of one of our cast iron gazebos set up.




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