Library Steps

At Canonbury Antiques we carry a range of library steps in both mahogany and walnut. They make a great matching piece to our large range of bookcases, including breakfronts and open front bookcases. Of course these library steps work well in any library. Many of these antique library steps are on display in our North London / Canonbury Antiques Hertfordshire showroom only 25 minutes north of London. One of our favourite type of library steps are our range of metamorphic chairs a Regency chair that easily morphs into a set of libray steps. Please get in touch if you would like to view these or any other of our pieces in our showroom or have other questions. We can ship these library steps to anywhere in the world. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter for bi monthly updates on all things antique and interiors, including of course library steps.  
Victorian Library Steps Ladder Mahogany Book Case

Victorian Library Steps Ladder Mahogany Book Case

Stunning English double sided mahogany Victorian style library steps Offered in great sha ...

£895  ($1110)
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