Chiparus Art Deco Bronze Figurine Borzoi Dogs Statue French

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You are viewing an exquisite bronze casting of ''Friends Forever' (or 'Eternal Friends') by DH Chiparus - also know as Eternal Friends. I hope the photos go some way in conveying the beauty to this piece, it's certainly better in the flesh. Chiparus was one of the most famous sculptors associated with the art deco movement and this is a later recasting of one of his best works. Please note, this is at our US office which is where it will ship from, which is good news for US customers as it's a heavy piece and not so far to travel. True to the art deco aesthetic, the piece has a wonderful symmetry and balance. The two borzoi dogs stand either side of the young lady clad in typical 20s attire. The piece has been cast from polychrome bronze so each section has different colours, silver for the dogs, red for her dress, brown for her face. The piece in turn stands on a black tiered marble base which is signed at the back, please see close up photo. This is offered in perfect condition ready for home use right away and we will ship this to anywhere in the world. Chiparus: Born in Romania and lived in Paris studying under A Boucher and J. Boucher. He exhibited at the salon from 1914. His later works in the 1920s were influenced by the interest in Egypt after the excavation of the Pharoahs\' tombs. He based many works on the ballet and the theatre, one particular theme being the Ballet Russe, from which resulted the Russian Dancers. Dimensions are in inches:
Width by Depth by Height
24" by 8" by 24"

Dimensions are in CM:
Width by Depth by Height
61 by 20 by 61 Weight: 80Ilbs

Piece: 1335472998


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